Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mrs. Nawrot's News April 21


This week we have introduced the Michigan Research project that we will be working on for several weeks. Students will be researching a Michigan topic. I recommend going to the public library, using the school library, and using the Kid Databases at to find information for this project. We will also be researching using Michigan books here in the classroom.

Our measurement test was today! We will be continuing our look into measurement with a look into weight and liquid measurements.

Back to Science
This week we looked at the moon and the phases it goes through. We explored the size of the moon using clay, and the students were surprised by how small the Earth and moon are compared to the sun.

Awards Assembly
The Awards Assembly for April will be April 28 at 2:30. Please join us as we recognize our accomplishments!

Parent Teacher Conference Sign-Ups
Our last parent teacher conferences will be May 3 and 5. This conference can be a face-to-face conference or you may choose to have a phone call or an email form of communication. If you would please sign-up on the blue conference form and return it to me by Tues., April 26 I would appreciate it. Thank you!

No School
On May 6 we will not be having school. Instead, the teachers will be meeting for professional development. Hopefully the weather will be beautiful for you!

Earth Day
We were cleaning up the grounds around the school in honor of Earth Day. Be thinking of a way that you can impact the world around you!