Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Social Studies Review Jeopardy Game

We will take a test on Thursday Dec. 1.  Here if our review powerpoint if you would like to quiz your child.

Class News 11-29-11

Due to the two short weeks I did not send home a newsletter last Wednesday, but I did want to remind you of a few things.

-We are shopping at the book fair this week.  Students may bring in money if they would like to purchase something.

-Book orders are due on Thursday, 12-1-11.  This is the last book order before our Christmas break.  If you would like to order I encourage you to check out the great titles and great deals.

-We have an Awards Assembly on Thursday from 2:30-3.  Please come join us!

-Friday is a BIG day!  We have our dress rehearsal for our play at 9 am.  We will be perfroming our play at 7 pm Friday night, and all students should be in their classrooms at 6:30 to be ready and in necessary costumes.  Elves should wear dark pants or skirt and white, red, or green shirt or a Christmas dress.
Reindeer should wear all brown or tan clothing.

-PTO has a treat for sale on Friday for 25 cents.

-Our class has helped collect and count $696 in BOXTOPS for our PTO.  This money is used for school materials, playground equipment, paying for field trips, and much more. 

-Every year we have a book exchange instead of a gift exchange at our classroom Christmas party.  Everyone is asked to purchase an age-appropriate book- try to spend no more than $5.00, and bring the book wrapped for a gift exchange.  The class loves it and instead of a toy everyone leaves with a book that they can read over the Christmas break and for years to come.  All books should be brought in by Dec. 15th and they should be wrapped and labeled with a gift tag from your child.  The tag should say if the book is specific to a “girl”, “boy”, or “both”.  If you need help providing a book I will gladly help out if you will let me know in advance.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to play, so please help me help everyone have fun.  Thank you!

That sums up most of what is happening right now!  :)


Friday, November 18, 2011